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Who is Oak Processing

Payments Industry Leaders since 2004 with over 50+ years of combined experience. Offering Personalized, customized solutions for every client.

Exclusive Distribution

BizConnect360 has distribution, discounts and incentive programs with these product providers that are not available anywhere else.

Here at Oak, we understand that the continued success of our company begins with the integrity of our agents, and ends with the satisfaction of those they serve. As such, it is Oak’s Pledge to both educate and work with agents of the highest caliber, while providing the level of concierge service commanded by today’s leading companies.

Retail Solutions

Oak offers a multitude of solutions that can be customized to meet your business needs. From the neighborhood eatery to the largest online operation Oak can construct the payment processing solution to meet your needs.

High Risk Solutions

For businesses who demand it, Oak may also provide both load and bank balancing options. Oak offers High Risk Solutions to both domestic and international businesses.


Adding ACH payments to your business creates payment acceptance options that go beyond credit and debit cards. ACH payments provide customers a simple and alternative payment method that allows them to pay for their purchases directly out of their checking or savings accounts.

Hardware & Software

From helping to identify the right Hardware and Software for your business to explaining the latest technology and providing backup support, Oak can provide a one-stop solution. All Oak solutions are PCI Compliant.

Chargeback Management

Companies who process in the High Risk space will certainly need to integrate one or multiple Chargeback Management tools to help assist in keeping their chargeback levels in check.

Merchant Loans

Running a business is not always easy. At Oak, we offer our merchants the tools necessary to help them survive during lean times. Merchant Loans are just one tool that may assist a business in solving an immediate cash flow need.

Gift Cards & Debit Cards

Gift Card programs include bundled and custom design options. Pre-Paid Debit programs include single use, re-loadable and custom design options.

Bespoke Solutions

It’s likely that certain customers may demand unique solutions specific to their business. Here at Oak we offer Bespoke Solutions which range from event ticketing solutions to proprietary rebate programs.