Sell your Program, not your Players

FanFundit is an innovative donation platform that makes supporting local School and Non-Profit programs more transparent and engaging.

Create multiple Campaigns for your Program


Build a Clipboard Registry of equipment and expenses for your Fans to fund directly to your account.


Create SuperFans and earn year-round revenue with our Subscription campaigns.


Get your Community involved in your Campaigns with local businesses to involve your entire community to help fund your campaigns with our professional marketing collateral.

About Us

FanFundit is the newest way for coaches, athletic directors, booster clubs, and program directors along with Non-Profits to safely and efficiently raise funds for teams and programs through crowdfunding.

With FanFundit, just build it, share it, and let your fans and supporters do the rest!

Why Choose Us

FanFundit uses the latest payment technologies to harness the power and effectiveness of peer-to-peer and crowdfunding fundraising to create a platform where coaches, athletic directors, booster clubs and program directors can safely and efficiently raise funds for their teams and programs.


Instead of donating money at random, my donations are for specific equipment purchases or team expenses.
Chad Kirkland
The best part of fanfundit is the ease of setting up a campaign and the website. Everything was setup in a prompt fashion and changes were taken care of quickly. Also, the tracking of the participation was perfect and was able to allow me to focus in on who was not doing their part in my group.
Jim Hastings
The hands off aspect of the online campaign is wildly more manageable than having multiple product meetings, sending kids door to door and storing unsold overpriced product that eats into funds raised.
Rich Theisman

All at no cost to you.