Start tracking your advertising and website traffic, easily!

how-to-increase-website-traffic-the-kool-source1Have you ever wondered where your clients come from when they land on your website?  Which ads are working and which are not?  What traffic sources are working the best and which do not work at all?  What do your clients do when they land on your website?  How long do your customer’s stay engaged, how long do they watch your videos, and do they opt in or leave?  Wouldn’t it be incredible to know all that?  Imagine the profit in knowing all those details! now has a new tool to track all and tell you everything you don’t know!  You will even be able to watch each client’s activities via a video and see for yourself exactly what they did when they landed on your website and/or capture page.  Time is money  and now you will know what is working and what’s not!  We are excited to roll out this amazing tool to all of our custom platforms.  Ask us for all the details today and put your company in the driver’s seat!