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Find out why your leads are not becoming customers!

Is your business generating leads but not converting enough of them into clients/sales?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what your potential customers do when they get to your website, capture pages, or ads?  Do they watch your videos, do they read your material,what stops them from opting in?  Now you can find out all […]

Start tracking your advertising and website traffic, easily!

Have you ever wondered where your clients come from when they land on your website?  Which ads are working and which are not?  What traffic sources are working the best and which do not work at all?  What do your clients do when they land on your website?  How long do your customer’s stay engaged, […]

BizConnect360 will train your team for you!

Yes, it’s true!  Let our trainers teach and educate your entire group for you!  With our custom marketing platforms can come training.  Imagine not having to spend the time help your affiliates learn to market and promote themselves.  We can teach each rep to brand themselves as an expert and use our system to generate […]

BizConnect takes posting ads online to a whole new level!

How would you like to save yourself a lot of time and energy.  Posting blogs, posting ads, keeping up your social media, and the like almost takes a full-time person these days.  BizConnect360.com now has a social media feature that can do it all at once.  Post to your blog anything you would like and […]